Jennifer Yap, D.O. – Raleigh Bioidentical Doctor

As a Raleigh Bioidentical Doctor, Jennifer Yap, D.O. at BiofunctionalMed has helped numerous men and women in the Wake County and Raleigh, North Carolina areas to regain hormonal balance. Offering customized programs that address individual needs, many patients have been able to overcome the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance, which are often synonymous with the symptoms of aging.

Taking a patient-centered approach to wellness, Dr. Yap factors in patients’ individual challenges, lifestyles, medical history, and treatment preferences into her Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy plans. As a result of her dedicated care and attention, wide numbers of men and women have been able to obtain peak levels of health.

All hormone levels must be in balance in order for optimal levels of health to be achieved, and Jennifer Yap, D.O. performs testing on all essential hormone levels in order to determine imbalances. After assessing hormone levels, medical history, personal health goals, and lifestyle, Jennifer Yap, D.O. will develop an individualized treatment plan, incorporating Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition, and supplements.

What Makes the Med Spa Experience Different?

Anti-aging includes how you feel inside and how you look on the outside. The decline in hormones as well as the effects of the environment create changes in people’s bodies that cause thinning skin, wrinkles, vaginal dryness, loss of hair, skin laxity, weight gain and dark spots.  Unlike many other bioidentical hormone clinics, BiofunctionalMed differentiates itself by providing a aesthetic treatment options that compliments the youthful vibrancy you feel inside.

BiofunctionalMed operates under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Yap, a medical professional who takes a holistic approach to each patient’s health. This means you can expect to be treated as a real person with real physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. At BiofunctionalMed, we offer a wide array of services to help our clients look and feel their best. We understand that discussing medical and aesthetic concerns can be a very personal and intimate experience, and who better to trust with that sensitive information than a practicing physician who understands all of your medical needs and concerns. Whether you are interested in aesthetics, anti-aging therapies, skin rejuvenation or hormone optimization with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Jennifer Yap, D.O. of BiofunctionalMed can help. To provide our patients with a large selection of treatments and therapies to help them look and feel their best, BiofunctionalMed offers the following services:

  • Hormone Optimization: Whether as a natural side effect of aging, or as a result of physical or environmental factors, hormones that are out of balance can cause a myriad of undesirable side effects. Determining the cause of these hormone related conditions and identifying and effective Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to restore optimal hormone balance is one of Jennifer Yap, D.O.’s areas of expertise
  • Medical Aesthetics: Like many of your peers, you are probably starting to see some of the physical effects of aging. Perhaps there are dark circles under your eyes that didn’t used to be there or extra folds under your chin even though you haven’t gained any weight.  We offer numerous treatments to address facial wrinkles including mesotherapy, botox, filler, microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and facials. We also offer laser treatments to address sun damage, unwanted hair and radiofrequency devices to contour love handles, tummies and tighten skin. Our procedures are complimented by the most effective medical grade skin care products: Obagi, Skin Medica, Avene/Glytone, is Clinical and Nuvesse.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments: Platelet rich plasma is cutting edge medicine and one of the best anti-aging treatments for the face and female/male genitalia. It helps restore and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as treat dryness and bladder dysfunction in women and erectile dysfunction in men. The concentrated platelets contain bioactive proteins which have specific growth factors that promote tissue repair, collagen production and vessel formation.

To learn more about getting started with a customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy plan, contact Raleigh Bioidentical Doctor, Jennifer Yap, D.O. at BiofunctionalMed today to schedule a consultation!

Call Raleigh Bioidentical Doctor Jennifer Yap, D.O. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 634 to schedule your consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.